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Tyson Peterson

12519661 554761548062879 615776949 a - Tyson Peterson

Born and raised among the mountains, lakes and wildlife of Utah, Tyson Peterson realized his passion for cooking in the outdoors alongside a large and tight knit extended family. Hunting large game, Camping, and cooking over wood-fire coals and feeding 50 or so people is an enjoyable challenge. While in Culinary school he was recommended…

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Mike Durre

MikeBioPic e1581539459551 768x1024 - Mike Durre

Mike Durre – Executive Chef Recruiter Mike knows how to help Chefs hire, and how to help Chefs get hired. He talks with Chefs daily about their challenges finding good staff, and their challenges finding the right job for themselves. Mike is the founder of Dine Inn Recruiting, a Recruiting Firm that specializes in Executive…

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Damon Kessler

DK - Damon Kessler

Damon Kessler joined Gate Gourmet in 2013 and is currently serving as an Area Executive Chef of the Eastern region of the US. He has 14 kitchens in his network and is based in New York. Damon comes to Gate Gourmet with a wealth of knowledge for the Airline industry working with as many as…

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Kareen “Coco” Linton

Kareen Linton, was born on the island of Barbados and was raised in Brooklyn, New York from the age of nine. Kareen was introduced to great food at a very early age in Barbados, by her Aunt Day and Grandmother Catherine. She was also surrounded by fashion design, by Phyllis and art by artist Slyvan…

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Ben Anderson

Ben headshot - Ben Anderson

Ben Anderson has spent the last decade helping operators understand and implement mobile technology into their dining environments. Working on the forefront of the industry at Grubhub Campus (formally Tapingo), Ben partnered with many of the country’s top dining programs to help shape the modern area of retail service. An expert in both the technological…

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