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Who are we?

The Business Chef podcast team is made up of producers, sound engineers, a chef that has a decent voice for this kind of stuff, food lovers and a bunch of dudes just trying to figure it out.

Recorded and engineered in the KCHF Studios just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Thank you

How did we get here?

After a few failed attempts at getting into the food service realm, the comment was made over dinner one night (its still under debate who said it first) "their should be a podcast that talks about making food and making money."

In 2017 a plan was conceived to launch a podcast that would focus on this-the business side of the food industry.  A podcast that would focus on not just the art of culinary art, but making food and making money.

A host was approached, and said no... So a second host was asked and the answer was again no. Then a chance meeting brought us an actual chef who kind of knew what he was doing and actually sounded decent.  So after a few brief meetings and some lite coordination, the Business Chef Podcast was born.

But man, are we happy to be here!